Welcome to CISM!

The Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine Physical Therapy provides the highest quality of care for our patients, providing 1 hour one on one treatment times with one of our highly trained providers. We are confident you'll be more than satisfied with your care.  


At CISM we involve our patients in the decision making process and set realistic goals for you or your loved ones to return to the highest level of function possible. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns, perform a comprehensive examination, explain our findings to you and then develop a treatment plan specifically for YOU. We are available via text during evenings and on weekends if you have concerns during non-clinical hours. 


We work with patients of all ages who present with many orthopedic and neurological disorders. We do work with a great deal of athletes but can assure you we also have an extensive background in geriatric and pediatric physical therapy. From 4 months old to 99 we pride ourselves on giving our patients our best efforts to help them achieve realistic goals.


If you are an athlete, we are the only true “Sports Medicine” clinic in Colorado Springs. We provide event coverage for an multitude of sports that include but not limited to judo, basketball, volleyball and hockey.



Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine
4003 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
ph: 719-344-9497
fax: 719-358-6042
email: CISMrehab@gmail.com